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Lana J. Waud


I feel amazingly fortunate to work in a field I enjoy and have a passion for. Let us put that passion to work for you!

Caring for the elderly has long been a part of Lana’s life since first volunteering at a Skilled Nursing Facility in high school. From there came several enjoyable and challenging years as a Certified Nursing Assistant while completing her Accounting degree.

After earning both the CPA and CMA designations, Lana started her career as a Long Term Care professional. She has thirty years of accounting experience with over twenty devoted to the LTC industry. She has enjoyed mastering all aspects of the daily workings of the business office, including corporate financial areas.

Her success in reducing receivables and her experiences with agencies that were universally ill-equipped to efficiently work SNF receivables convinced her of the tremendous need for an alternative. SNF Solutions was created to address this need, your need.

Lana is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

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We are so proud of our SNF Solutions team! Everyone here understands that the client’s bottom line is at least as important as our own. They also know from experience that a paid claim is more than a few dollars in some bank account; that the additional revenue we can provide our clients helps make it possible for them to take better care of their residents and staff.

The joy of working with our team comes from how they all complement each other. Every one of them does a great job with all payer and project types. While they all have their specialties and favorite parts of the process, it has been fun watching them jump in to help each other get stronger in every area, turning a good group into a great team that is able, and eager, to provide excellent service to their clients.

Meet our Senior Team Members

Ed Waud

Vice President

Ed has been with SNF Solutions since the beginning. With over 15 years experience in Skilled Nursing billing and collections, Ed brings his customer service and sales experience to good use here helping our clients. Ed stays busy with strategic planning, marketing and leading the billing team. His focus is always on producing the best results possible for our clients.

The father of two, he and his family love baseball and camping in their little trailer across the country. Their dream is to take an RV and see baseball games in every major league baseball stadium in the country while also riding every rollercoaster they can find.

Lisa Morgia

Project Manager

Lisa has been in LTC since 1998 and has worked overseeing as many as 80+ facilities to as few as 5 facilities. She has extensive experience with all types of facilities and operational models, including private ownership, corporate owned, for profit, non-profit and management companies.

Lisa started her career as an Assistant BOM and worked her way up to BOM, Regional, Divisional Director and finally Vice President. In her roles she was involved in the day to day Revenue Cycle Operations of the facilities and has extensive billing and collection experience in multiple states and all payers. Lisa has been responsible for the oversight of writing and implementing Business Office Policies and Procedures, monitoring and structure of Business Office KPI such as Bad debt and DSO, as well as the roll-out Managed Medicaid. She enjoys working within the different states and continuing to learn the ever changing requirements of SNF billing.

Lisa has 2 adult children who work in Marketing and Education.

Brett P Kinzel

Project Manager

Brett has been in LTC since 1998 and worked with companies with over 300 facilities and small companies with under 20 facilities. He has been a BOM, Regional A/R Manager, Divisional Director and was also an Assistant Administrator. Cash collections, Billing processes, Bad Debt, DSO and financial statements are his specialties. Brett has written collection policies and piloted many new programs in the business office. He enjoys mentoring and training all positions in the business office and feels that he can learn from them just as much as they can learn from him.

Brett has completed 90% of a Masters program in Business Administration. He has 3 children who are all in college.

Judy Noel

Administrative Manager

Judy joined our team back in 2012. She is the only member of our team that works out of the home office with us. Not having worked in the SNF Billing industry before, she was a quick study and has become quite proficient at billing. She stepped into the role of Administrative Manager and became the glue that holds the office together. She also helps with set up our clients billing software and clearinghouse integration.

Judy, her husband, and her two children enjoy camping, scenic drives and going back to Montana to visit family.

Melissa Larenas


Melissa is one our original team members, joining the SNF Solutions family in 2005. She has always worked very closely with clients and excelled with billing and collections. Her customer service is top notch and she is always willing to lend a hand. Melissa is known to be extremely organized, which is an understatement.

Over the years her roles have shifted from billing to higher and higher administrative responsibilities. She has truly earned the position of Chief Operations Officer. She couldn’t be happier, and neither could we!

Melissa enjoys watching soccer with her husband and 3 kids. A day at the beach or a weekend camping trip is something they all love to do together.


Billing Consultant

Joyce found her way to us after over 25 years in the industry. She likes to say that when she was first hired as Business Office Manager in 1991 she was told “If you don’t like change, then don’t work in this field because the rules are forever changing.” She loves that there is always something new to be learned and/or an easier way to do something that keeps you from getting bored.

She enjoys spending time with her adult children, even more so because that means she gets to play with her 3 grandchildren.

Sherry P.

Billing Consultant

Sherry is our senior Insurance and Managed Care consultant. She came to us with over 23 years in SNF billing, having risen from an Assistant Business Office Manager to being responsible for the business office operations of an average of 10 facilities. She takes great pleasure in helping our client facilities get the most billing and collections success out of their people and systems.

Sherry most enjoys time with her family and grandchild. What else do you need?


Managed care billing specialist

Judy has become the glue that makes the office work. Judy came to us in 2012 from Montana and has turned into an excellent billing specialist. Her background as a retail business owner, bookkeeper and more has been a part of her fast start here. Like the rest of us here, she loves the “win” when you finally get a troubled claim paid, even some that have already been written off. She does not like it when she calls an insurance company and she has to explain SNF billing to the representative there, but let us tell you she is getting good at teaching them!

Judy is married with a grown son and daughter. A great weekend for them is to go camping, hiking, biking and 4-wheeling.


Billing Consultant

With nearly 25 years experience, Marilyn has been a great addition to our team. Rising from a small business office to being responsible for the training and support of all the Business Office Managers in her region, we are happy to add her strengths to ours. Marilyn has “enjoyed” the process of mastering the new Medicaid providers of several states.

She loves to travel, exploring new places off the beaten path with her beloved and riding her trusty ATV. Her favorite thing in life, though is visiting with her two grandsons.


 Billing Specialist

Sharlana came to us with over 10 years in skilled nursing facilities. Like several of our team, she started as a CNA and then worked her way into the Business Office. Sharlana joined us because she wants the opportunity to master more facets of SNF Billing and her previous employer was centralizing their billing operations. She enjoys getting to know our clients and building relationships.

Sharlana loves exploring the outdoors with her husband and 4 children, along with their extended families.

Sherry B.

 Billing Specialist

Sherry found a new home with us with about 10 years of SNF Billing experience. Like most of our team she started as a Business Office Assistant and quickly rising to be the Business Office Manager. Sherry truly enjoys researching accounts to learn “the story” and then doing what is needed. She loves the “YES!” feeling when a problem account is paid.

For R&R Sherry loves to devour a good book, go to baseball games with her kids and grandchildren, but most of all she spends as much time spoiling her grandchildren as much as possible.


 Billing Specialist

Julie came to us with over 10 years of SNF Billing experience. Julie started out as the receptionist and worked her way up to Business office manager. She really enjoys the problem solving and outcome that comes along with Skilled Nursing Billing. It makes her happy to see “PAID” on a claim. Hard work pays off!

For fun she and her husband like to take their 2 daughters camping and boating with friends and family, and of course their 2 dogs.


Billing Consultant

Kim came to us with almost 20 years of SNF Billing experience. Like some of our best, Kim grew up in Long Term Care. She started as a CNA and receptionist, then wisely worked her way into the Business Office. She enjoyed over 5 years as the corporate Managed Care Insurance Manager, where she was known as “the collector of the uncollectable” (we need to come up with a cooler title). Like most of our team, she loves the challenge and the feeling of getting a problem claim paid.

In their free time she and her husband can be found cheering on their 2 daughters at their multiple sporting events and traveling to their softball tournaments.

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