SNF Solutions has learned about a new program announced by HRSA, effective 4/27/20, providers can begin to register as a provider, through HRSA in coordination with UHC/Optum, to seek reimbursement for Uninsured Residents diagnosed and treated specifically for COVID-19 retroactive to 2/4/20.

The primary diagnosis must be for COVID-19 to qualify for reimbursement of the SNF stay. See attached document/announcement for the details and program timelines.

Upon receipt of payment for the applicable days, the remaining balance for those days reimbursed would need to be written off (cannot pursue collection of remaining balance for days reimbursed).

A Facility representative will need to register the provider and act as the Administrator for the program, in order to submit claims beginning on May 6, 2020. The link below will take you to the HRSA website with instructions on registering and claims submission.

Additionally, HRSA is hosting a live webcast tomorrow. Click on the below link under April 30th for more details which can also be found at the above site.

April 30th
Provider webinar
Click here for details (PDF)

View the announcement on the HRSA website​

Download HRSA announcement (PDF)

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