We understand the importance of keeping your accounts receivables low.

"We were unhappy with both the results and cost of our billing service and our CPA firm recommended SNF Solutions. Seven years later they are still doing our billing, with better results at a significantly lower cost. We highly recommend SNF Solutions!"

Andy Neuman - AdministratorPines Nursing Home

We love working with Vicki and she has already discovered that things are in a huge mess. I know that she and the other members of your team will do everything they can to get our receivables collected.

Carolyn Spencer - CFOGarden Villa Health

We thought our numbers were ok, but could not understand the issues we were having. It turned out that cash was not being posted correctly at all. We are so thankful SNF Solutions for how quickly they diagnosed and fixed the problem and put checks in place so we never find ourselves in that position again. SNF Solutions is still doing our billing, and I won’t have it any other way."

Danny Eischen - Executive DirectorConcordia

"We had escalating A/R Aging and concerns about the performance of our Business Office Manager, so we reached out to SNF Solutions. In the first 90 days they were able to collect 48% of our outstanding AR. We were so impressed and pleased with SNF Solutions that we hired them to take over all Business Office billing functions. We highly recommend this company, they get the job done!"

Rick Betat - ControllerFreedom Senior Management

"Lana, it has been a pleasure working with you and your firm over the past two years. You helped us dig out of a deep hole, and I will not soon forget it. Thanks again."

Tim Lochridge - Vice President of Finance/CFOShell Point Retirement Community

"I joined the…biller’s group about 6 months ago and have been following your responses ever since. As a former LTC billing consultant (I just couldn’t stand the travel anymore), I often get frustrated with some of the other consultant’s responses because they tend to be cryptic and sometimes inaccurate. But your responses are always complete and you clearly take the time to make sure everything you say is accurate and supported in the regs. If my organization ever needed a billing consultant, I’d absolutely insist that we use your company. Whether or not it’s your main goal, I hope that your efforts are bringing you the business that you deserve!!

Have a great day!"

Helene Merlot, NHA Director, Resident Billing and Reimbursement ContractsPresbyterian SeniorCare Network

"While serving as the regional for 3 facilities, I brought SNF Solutions in to pursue a large number of older accounts that had been neglected.

I was very pleased with their professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to work our claims without being a bother or distraction to our business office. They were able to get more claims paid than we expected, and they kept surprising us by getting payment on claims we thought we would have to write off.

As that project wound down, we began having serious issues with our software and Medicare billing. It seemed that none of our systems worked and nothing interfaced properly. We were forced to dig up every bit of data and verify it before creating the UB04s by hand, and then key them in. Believe me, it was worse than it sounds.

SNF Solutions came into a difficult situation and took over the painstaking and time consuming process when many people and companies probably would have run away. By having SNF Solutions take over the Medicare billing, and later the Coinsurance and Managed Care, they freed up the time we needed to choose new software, implement it and train.

I definitely recommend SNF Solutions to anyone who feels they need some help to get the most out of their collection efforts and business offices.”

Kelly C. – Director of Reimbursement

I highly recommend SNF Solutions to everyone. We first worked with them in 2006 after our CPA firm recommended them to help us with the decentralization of our billing operations. SNF Solutions was instrumental in making it possible for us to get 26 facilities throughout Florida to take over their own Medicare billing. They did this by working closely with all of the Business Office Managers to devise an aggressive yet reasonable schedule for the training and implementation. Since then we have continued our relationship with SNF Solutions as our needs have evolved. They assisted with our Managed Care billing for over two years. SNF Solutions increased our collections by over 10%, about $2.5 million, in one month. That is very significant to us and would not have happened without their tenacity in getting the claims billed and following up on all the outstanding claims.

They also set us up for electronic processing of our Managed Care claims which has been unbelievably helpful. SNF Solutions has provided training at our annual Business Office Manager meeting. We regularly have them work on problem claims and collect on our written off accounts."

Don Melton - Operations ControllerSouthern Healthcare Management

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