SNF Business Office Collections

You did the work.

Let’s recapture that earned revenue.

The Skilled Nursing Facility’s Ultimate SNF Business Office Collections Guide to Cleaning Up Aging Accounts Receivable Reports

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Benefits of SNF Business Office Collections

Decrease Stress

Decrease Stress

Nix the frustration an oversized aging report.

Get Paid on Time

Get Paid on Time

Stop struggling with delinquent accounts.

Increase Your Revenue

Increase Your Revenue

Finally collect on all of your payables.

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We had escalating A/R Aging and concerns about the performance of our Business Office Manager, so we reached out to SNF Solutions. In the first 90 days they were able to collect 48% of our outstanding AR. We were so impressed and pleased with SNF Solutions that we hired them to take over all Business Office billing functions. We highly recommend this company, they get the job done!

Rick Betat, CFO Sarasota Bay Club

We brought SNF Solutions in to pursue a large number of older accounts that had been neglected.

They were able to get more claims paid than we expected, and they kept surprising us by getting payment on claims we thought we would have to write off.

I definitely recommend SNF Solutions to anyone who feels they need some help to get the most out of their collection efforts and business offices.


A simple answer to health & co-insurance collections, medicare, medicaid & nursing collections,
tricare & VA collections, SNF business office collections, and much more.

It’s frustrating to keep writing off accounts that don’t follow through on payment.

In today’s world things are definitely not getting any easier for Skilled Nursing Facilities. You are dealing with changing government guidelines, more residents in need of specialized care, and a global health crisis that has impacted your entire facility from top to bottom.

And, once your team has served and sacrificed for residents and their families there is a good chance that the billing process won’t go smoothly without direct oversight of every step– which is exhausting. This lays an enormous amount of pressure at the feet of your business office. When income projections are not met, it sends them on a wild goose chase to find out who has not paid and why.

Unfortunately, you and I know that it’s not just a matter of one person not paying their invoice. You are contending with multiple vendors, government programs, insurance companies, and more. There are many opportunities for something to go awry.

The good news is there is something you can do about it. With the right plan and dedicated manpower, you can finally recapture that earned revenue instead of feeling resigned to writing it off.

That’s exactly why we created The Skilled Nursing Facility’s Ultimate Guide to Recapturing Earned Revenue.

Whether it's about health & co-insurance collections, medicare, medicaid & nursing collections, VA & SNF business office collections it is going to help you with all.

It was designed to take all of the best practices we have learned over the years and empower you to finally deflate the aging report that is a perpetual thorn in the side of your business office. I hope it saves you an immense amount of time, effort, and stress.


Stop stressing about overdue payments with SNF business office collections and clean up your accounts receivable for good!

    Decrease Stress

    Save Time

    Because you aren’t reactively chasing outside payments, and instead follow a simple plan toward a healthier bottom line.

    Get Paid on Time

    Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

    Avoid feeling overwhelmed with SNF business office collections

    Increase Your Revenue

    Recapture Earned Revenue

    Immediately become more profitable.

    Decrease Stress

    Have Piece of Mind

    Your business office will be running like a well oiled machine.

    Get Paid on Time

    Get a Proven Plan

    Finally see overdue invoices paid.

    Increase Your Revenue

    Feel Confident

    Your hardwork will not go unaccounted for

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    This is the quick cash injection your facility needs.

    Too many SNFs get stuck trying to untangle the mess that is their AR Aging Report. By the time they go to tackle it, everything feels unmanageable. Because they are pressed for time, the simplest solution is to live with writing it off. But when you know what to look for and have a strategic plan, getting things cleaned up suddenly feels possible again.

    The beauty of deflating a bloated aging report is that it acts as a quick cash injection that makes a big difference in a short amount of time. When you follow the plan we outline, your bottom line can look drastically different in just 30-90 days. Take Don for example.

    SNF Solutions increased our collections by over 10%, about $2.5 million, in one month. That is very significant to us and would not have happened without their tenacity in getting the claims billed and following up on all the outstanding claims.

    Don Melton, Operations Controller SOUTHERN HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT

    It’s Time You…

    Decrease Stress

    Stop stressing over how to tackle a very complicated problem.

    Get Paid on Time

    Stop feeling like all you can do is write off delinquent accounts.

    Increase Your Revenue

    Stop watching unpaid invoices take a direct hit to your bottom line.

    You need a strategic SNF business office collection plan that ensures you are rewarded for your effort and hard work because we know it’s the path to financial stability and helping even more residents in need.

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