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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Plus, a free infographic on managing Medicare

Decrease Stress

Increase Your Expertise

Harness the power of industry best practices.

Get Paid on Time

Equip Your team

Ensure everyone is positioned for success.

Increase Your Revenue

Feel Confident In Your Plan

Avoid costly mistakes.


We had escalating A/R Aging and concerns about the performance of our Business Office Manager, so we reached out to SNF Solutions. In the first 90 days they were able to collect 48% of our outstanding AR. We were so impressed and pleased with SNF Solutions that we hired them to take over all Business Office billing functions. We highly recommend this company, they get the job done!

Rick Betat, CFO Sarasota Bay Club

We brought SNF Solutions in to pursue a large number of older accounts that had been neglected.

They were able to get more claims paid than we expected, and they kept surprising us by getting payment on claims we thought we would have to write off.

I definitely recommend SNF Solutions to anyone who feels they need some help to get the most out of their collection efforts and business offices.


The right training equips your team and results in a better bottom line.

Technology, standards, and practices are constantly changing in our industry. Because of this, training has become paramount for continued success. It’s the path to avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring your staff is confident in how your facility approaches billing.

And in this day and age, billing is only getting more complicated. Guidelines change, regulations shift, and your residents need more specialized care than ever before.

Getting your billing right comes down to having a properly trained business office team. They need answers to challenging questions and executives need peace of mind that everything is set up to run smoothly.

That’s exactly why we created this free resource on managing Medicare.

It was designed to walk you step-by-step through how to level up your team’s billing expertise. I’m confident it will lead to greater results for your team and facility!


SNF Solutions was built with leaders like you in mind

Decrease Stress

SNF executive leaders looking to increase the team’s expertise.

Get Paid on Time

Business office managers overseeing the daily operations of a facility.

Increase Your Revenue

Staff on the front line keeping skilled nursing facilities running.

24% higher profits margins

come from companies who invest in training


Stop stressing about your team's expertise and offer the professional development they deserve.

Decrease Stress

Recoup Time

Because your staff isn't spending valuable hours searching for answers.

Get Paid on Time

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Because now you have a trusted partner in your corner.

Increase Your Revenue

Answer Challenging Questions

That constantly plague your office staff.

Decrease Stress

Have Peace of Mind

Your business office will be running like a well-oiled machine.

Get Paid on Time

Implement a Proven Path

For engaging professional development.

Increase Your Revenue

Cover All Payer Types

With inclusive training on everything
from A to Z.

Decrease Stress

Learn Best Practices

That lead to smooth and effective processes.

Get Paid on Time

Feel Confident

In your team's ability to achieve great results.

Employees with training opportunities are

15% more engaged.


Billing training built for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Get Paid on Time

One on One Training

Get Paid on Time

Group Training

Get Paid on Time

Help Desk

We cover the essentials you team needs to thrive

  • Get Paid on Time Medicare
  • Get Paid on Time Medicaid
  • Get Paid on Time A/R Aging
  • Get Paid on Time Business Office Best Practices
  • Get Paid on Time Commercial Insurance
  • Get Paid on Time Co-Insurance
  • Get Paid on Time Direct Data Entry
  • Get Paid on Time Medicare Secondary Payer

94% of employees

say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn


The right training leads to increased staff retention.

There are multiple benefits to scheduling billing training. It offers an environment for staff to collaborate, ask important questions, and solve pressing problems–all of which lead to higher profit margins. But when it comes to serving your residents well, your most important asset is your team. Training is an investment in them that enhances their skills and also leads to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Managing Medicare for Skilled Nursing Facilities in 2021

Set your business office up for success and simplify the complexity of managing Medicare for your facility.

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