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Get paid on time, stop stressing about your business office.

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Most skilled nursing home facilities are leaving money on the table:

  • Are claims going unbilled because your team is confused about doing it right?
  • Are you down with an employee and need some quick help?
  • Are you at a loss on how the billing actually works?
  • Does your team need training on how to bill efficiently?

Let us maximize your revenue by making sure your claims are prepared and submitted correctly the first time.

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SNF billing shouldn’t be so complicated. There’s a solution.

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SNF business office consulting services will make sure that we have what we need to provide you with an effective solution to maximize your revenue.

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Our team of experienced professionals will work behind the scenes to help you collect those missing funds, typically 5 to 10 times your initial investment.

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Over $100 million collected. 150+ years experience.

With years of working with business office executives, we understand the pressure of keeping the accounts receivables low.

We were unhappy with both the results and cost of our billing service and our CPA firm recommended SNF Solutions. Seven years later they are still doing our billing, with better results at a significantly lower cost. We highly recommend SNF Solutions!

Andy Neuman, Administrator Pines Nursing Home

We thought our numbers were ok, but could not understand the issues we were having. It turned out that cash was not being posted correctly at all. We are so thankful to SNF Solutions for how quickly they diagnosed and fixed the problem and put checks in place so we never find ourselves in that position again. SNF Solutions is still doing our billing, and I won’t have it any other way.

Danny Eischen, Executive Director Concordia Nursing Home

We had escalating A/R Aging and concerns about the performance of our Business Office Manager, so we reached out to SNF Solutions. In the first 90 days they were able to collect 48% of our outstanding AR. We were so impressed and pleased with SNF Solutions that we hired them to take over all Business Office billing functions. We highly recommend this company, they get the job done!

Rick Betat, CFO Sarasota Bay Club
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Stop stressing. Get paid on time.
Increase your revenue.

Get back to what’s important: caring for your residents.

At SNF Solutions, our team of experts works closely with skilled nursing home facilities. We aim to provide high levels of care and concern for residents, their families, and the teams who help to make that care possible.

We are your trusted billing, collections, consultation, and training partners that make your life simpler.

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5 ways to increase your revenue without adding a single resident

Chances are that you’re leaving revenue on the table. This quick resource guide will help ensure that your office is getting the most from your existing business so you can maximize your revenue without adding a single resident.

    For more information, please call 407-977-8878 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.