Orlando in August.  That’s all you have to say and everyone knows it is hot!  Happily, the 2011 FHCA Annual Conference and Trade Show was interesting and well attended.  The trade show was a great success, with the cocktail reception and silent auction really bringing the people in.

We enjoyed meeting new people and connecting with so many others we haven’t seen in a while.  We really appreciated the people who stopped by our booth to let us know they liked our latest blog.

We know for a fact that at least one person was glad she stopped at our booth.  Elaine Boyer from Villages on The Isle was the big winner of the $100 gift card drawing.  It was such a pleasure to meet her!  It is always a great thing when you can make someone’s day.  Let that be a lesson for you; be sure to stop by our booth next year and the winner just might be you!

FHCA Silent AuctionThe educational sessions were well done and informative.  Everyone here agrees that the most intriguing and thought provoking sessions were the two-parter presented by Philip DuBois titled “When the Administrator Becomes a Resident: Perspective from the Other Side”. Mr. DuBois told his story of living in his own facility for over 2 months after a horrific accident and how that experience changed his views as an administrator; powerful stuff indeed.

The other session that really got our attention was “Riding the Wave of Medicaid Managed Care”, presented by Steve Jones and Lorne Simmons from the CPA firm of Moore Stephens Lovelace.  It was easy to tell that the audience was eager to learn just what impact Medicaid Managed Care could have on skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.  A lot to think about and stay updated on.

Of course the Casino Royale Fun Night was a big hit and exceptionally well attended.  That’s all you’ll get out of us on that one….as they say “what happens at fun night stays at fun night!”

We look forward to next year.  Hope to see you there!

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