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Do You Need to Look for a New Business Office Manager? (Part 2)

Though it may seem obvious that the most important factor in how a Business Office performs is the Business Office Manager. In Part 2 of our “Red Flag” Blog Series we consider this very critical staff member and the indicators that could be telling you might need to consider taking action. In every Skilled Nursing […]

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5 Red Flags-Is Your Business Office Costing You Thousands? (Part 1)

The Business Office is critical to the operation and survival of every Skilled Nursing Facility.  The Business Office is usually the least understood of all the major departments, as well as having the lowest level of supervision.  In our two-part “Red Flags” blog series, we will be discussing areas and indicators that can be monitored […]

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Client Stories: 3 Red Flags that show it’s time for your Nursing Facility to get Billing Help

In the belief that knowledge is the key to success, this blog is dedicated to sharing three of our most memorable calls for help. Hopefully you are never in the same situation that some of our most memorable clients found themselves in. They just didn’t know or recognize what was happening around them, but maybe […]

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How Business Office Managers Can Conquer Medicaid Billing

Of the many billing challenges that skilled nursing facilities and business office managers face every day, one of the simplest and yet most difficult, at the same time is Medicaid billing. What? Why would anyone say this? Medicaid billing is easy! In today’s healthcare environment Medicaid has become one of the most dynamically fluid payers […]

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How to Ensure a Wildly Successful Business Office (Part 3)

What is going on with our Insurance & Private money? Are we getting everything in that we should this month? This is the final piece in this series, please check out Part 1 and Part 2. Managed Care Billing If your facility handles a lot of Managed Care, you are certainly aware of the impact […]

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Register Today! Medicare Collections 2015 – Avoiding the Money Pit & Consolidated Billing Pitfalls

SNF Solutions team is proud to announce that we have teamed up with LeadingAge of Washington to present the “Medicare Collections – Avoiding the ‘Money Pit’ & Consolidated Billing Pitfalls” webinar on February 3, 2015. This is a great opportunity for new billers and anyone who works with the billers. Administrators, management and others will […]

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How To Ensure A Wildly Successful Business Office (part 1)

What is really going on in there during Month End Close? Is your business office operating at its full potential?  How can you be sure your business office staff has the talent, resources and interdisciplinary support to achieve their goals?  What are their goals?  Are you communicating clearly with the Business Office Manager (BOM) and […]

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Controlling Managed Care Denials – Part 3

How you respond to claim denials is the single most important factor in getting them paid.  Because of this, the timeliness and effectiveness with which you and your staff respond to denials is a crucial part of your jobs.  Just a few unpaid claims can affect your facility’s bottom line, performance, and even threaten jobs.

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Controlling Managed Care Denials – Part 1

(For those of you that missed my presentation at the Florida Healthcare Association Conference, here are some of the highlights of what you missed.) Managed and Insurance Denials What are these denials?  What causes them? What can you do to prevent them and how can you get them paid? What processes can you implement to […]

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Administrators: How To Help Your Business Office EXCEL!

On top of all of their other duties, the Nursing Home Administrator of a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) can do quite a bit to help ensure their Business Office’s billing and accounts receivable (A/R) success.  Of course they involve working with the Business Office Manager and the business office staff, as well as providing operational […]

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5 ways to increase your revenue without adding a single resident

Chances are that you’re leaving revenue on the table. This quick resource guide will help ensure that your office is getting the most from your existing business so you can maximize your revenue without adding a single resident.