Is your facility ready for the new Medicare card?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has released new information regarding the April 1, 2018 release of the New Medicare Card for Medicare Eligible Beneficiaries. The New Medicare Card is designed to do away with the old Social Security Number based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) and instead will use a new 11-character Medicare Beneficiary […]

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medicaid billing at skilled nursing facilities

How Business Office Managers Can Conquer Medicaid Billing

Of the many billing challenges that skilled nursing facilities and business office managers face every day, one of the simplest and yet most difficult, at the same time is Medicaid billing. What? Why would anyone say this? Medicaid billing is easy! In today’s healthcare environment Medicaid has become one of the most dynamically fluid payers […]

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Medicare Secondary Payer – The Lost Opportunity

Your team here at SNF Solutions has noticed a trend of facilities either not filing or having problems with filing and collecting Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) funds.  These are claims that should only be filed to Medicare after the Primary Insurance Payer, either makes a reduced payment or no payment and the resident is entitled to […]

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Reimbursable Revenue-Don’t leave it “Sitting on the Table”!

It’s Flu Season! Is your Business Office prepared? Have they Billed and Collected the money? You are most likely asking, “What are they talking about?’  My Business Office has nothing to do with Flu Season, except for maybe making sure that the Business Office staff get a Flu Vaccine.  Well, yes and no!  Your Business […]

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“Benefit Exhaust” and “No Pay” are you concerned?

If you have worked in Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facilities for a long time or are just starting your career, seeing or hearing these two terms could cause you to think OH NO!!   What’s happening now?  We have noticed a trend with our new clients, very few if any are doing these […]

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Are Your Medicare Revenue and Collections at Risk?

Your Medicare Revenue and Collections could be at risk and you might not even know it. The loyal and intrepid staff here at SNF Solutions has noted a recurring trend during reviews of our clients’ Accounts Receivable.  During our research of the Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B Balances we inevitably see a number […]

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Medicare Refunds – The new 60 day rule and you

There is a new ruling that you need to be aware of. The Department of Health and Human Services, on Friday, February 12, 2016, released through the Federal Register: Vol. 81, No. 29 their Medicare Program: Reporting and Returning of Overpayments; Final Rule. This final rule can have a significant impact on facilities that do […]

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How To Ensure A Wildly Successful Business Office (Part 2)

What is going on with our Medicaid & Medicare money?  Are we getting paid everything that we should this month? We hope you find this second part of our 3 part series on How To Ensure A Wildly Successful Business Office to be interesting and informative. Part 1 of our series, which deals with the […]

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Clean Medicare Audit results start here..

“Do we really need to have meetings?” and “What can we do to make sure we are compliant with our Medicare billing?” are variations of the questions we get most often.  Lately we have been getting questions about Medicare audits, how to avoid them and how to do well in them.

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4 ways to hold up your Medicare claims payments – don’t get caught doing these!

What are the most common Medicare Part A claims errors we see from working with clients?   We could go on for pages and pages, but we know your time is valuable so we are just dealing with a few of the worst offenders today.

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5 ways to increase your revenue without adding a single resident

Chances are that you’re leaving revenue on the table. This quick resource guide will help ensure that your office is getting the most from your existing business so you can maximize your revenue without adding a single resident.