Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) – Part 2

In our previous blog “PDPM Reimbursement Part 1”, we reviewed the clinical changes, the MDS Assessment Changes and their relation to generating the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) HIPPS Code. In this blog we will be exploring and explaining the complexity of the new HIPPS Codes Components and the tables provided by CMS in the […]

Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) – Part 1

PDPM is coming October 1, 2019, what does this mean to Skilled Nursing Facilities? Are you prepared and ready for the changes that are involved? This proposed change to how reimbursement for Skilled Nursing Facility care is determined is very complicated and will possibly reference topics and industry verbiage you may not be familiar with. […]

SNF Solutions Has a New Look

We don’t have to tell you that billing and collecting for skilled nursing facilities is complex. But it doesn’t have to be. We are committed to making this process as easy as possible for your organization, so you can get back to caring for your residents. That starts with our website. We’ve created our new […]

Do You Need to Look for a New Business Office Manager? (Part 2)

Though it may seem obvious that the most important factor in how a Business Office performs is the Business Office Manager. In Part 2 of our “Red Flag” Blog Series we consider this very critical staff member and the indicators that could be telling you might need to consider taking action. In every Skilled Nursing […]

5 Red Flags-Is Your Business Office Costing You Thousands? (Part 1)

The Business Office is critical to the operation and survival of every Skilled Nursing Facility.  The Business Office is usually the least understood of all the major departments, as well as having the lowest level of supervision.  In our two-part “Red Flags” blog series, we will be discussing areas and indicators that can be monitored […]

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